About Me

I'm Elli, a new mum to the amazing, life-changing, 6 week old (in March 2012) Joshua. I'm also an IT Project Manager for a global manufacturing company. My two jobs couldn't be more different really and I admit I was really daunted at the idea of a year away from work to look after my son. I've never been a particularly maternal person, one of those women you look at and think they were born to be a mum, but I've surprised myself and Josh has surprised me. What I feel about him is indescribable and he's easily the best thing I've ever done.

To try to find my way through this year and record some of the things I felt and some of Josh's milestones, I started this blog. Hopefully some of what I learn along the way might be useful to you too :) If you've just started reading, please get in touch, I'd love to meet some of you and discover your blogs!


  1. I love your blog! Have just had a good read. So glad we "met". I'll be following you for sure.

  2. Hi,
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