Tigg Accessories

I've always loved making things, which I probably get from my mum; she makes the most beautiful quilts. I think it's every craft person's dream to give up the humdrum of work and earn money from their passion. But where to start? What products sell? Like all things the answer came from a need. My dear husband bought me an iPad to cheer me up during the baby blues and we were trying to watch a film on it while chilling on the sofa one day but we had no way to prop it up; and so the tablet beanbag was born!  

I now run a small business making and selling tablet creations called Tigg Accessories. You can see my online store hereWith all my products, I try to create something that's pleasing to the eye, not just functional. I choose good quality, hard wearing fabrics in contemporary designs which will complement almost any home. The best bit about being a small business is that I can customise things specifically for you so you get a product that's unique to your style and needs. My designs say a little about me. Hopefully they will say a little about you too! 

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